2nd Advances in Computer Vision


Istanbul, TURKEY

November 7-8, 2015

The scope of the conference is listed but not limited below.

Topics of Interest

Machine Vision, Image Processing, Image Formation
  • Action and Event Recognition • Applications of Machine Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence for Machine Vision • Biometrics Recognition
  • Calibration and Geometry • Clustering
  • Color and Texture Analysis • Device Calibration, Characterization and Modeling
  • Face and Gesture Recognition • Illumination and Reflectance Modeling
  • Image and Video Coding and Compression • Image and Video Retrieval
  • Image Enhancement and Restoration • Image Formation, Acquisition Devices and Sensors
  • Image Generation Pipeline • Image Registration
  • Image-Based Modeling • Machine Learning
  • Medical Image Analysis • Morphology and Blob Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation • Physics-Based Modeling
  • Segmentation • Soft Computing for Machine Vision
  • Stereo Vision • Video Analysis
Computer Vision and Image and Video Analysis
  • Active Vision • Color and Texture Analyses
  • Early and Biologically-inspired Vision • Early Vision
  • Feature Extraction • Recognition (2D and 3D)
  • Scene Understanding • Shape Representation and Matching
  • Visual Attention and Image Saliency • Visual Navigation
Pattern Recognition, Image and Video Understanding
  • Categorization and Scene Understanding • Cognitive Models for Interpretation, Integration and Control
  • Computational Photography • Content-based Indexing, Search, and Retrieval
  • Event and Human Activity Recognition • Face and Expression Recognition
  • Machine Learning Technologies for Vision • Near Duplicate Image Retrieval
  • Object and Face Recognition • Object detection and Localization
Applications and Services
  • Camera Networks and Vision • Digital Photography
  • Document Imaging in Business • Entertainment Imaging Applications
  • Human and Computer Interaction • Imaging for Cultural Heritage
  • Media Watermarking and Security • Medical Image Applications
  • Mobile Imaging • Multimedia Forensics
  • Pervasive Smart Cameras
Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision
  • Active and Robot Vision • Image-based Modeling and 3D Reconstruction
  • Optical Flow and Motion Analyses • Stereo Vision and Structure from Motion
  • Tracking and Visual Navigation • Video Stabilization
  • Video Surveillance and Event Detection • Vision for Robotics